I hope everyone had a great start back to school.  Or, if you are still on summer break I hope you're enjoying the last few weeks.  My 5th graders started this past week,  and I can't wait to show you what we've been up to!

Here are some more freebies for my amazing followers!  I hope you find them useful in your classroom.

K - 2

Sweet Integrations donated a back to school find

Cindy Basso donated a free tooth brushing routine poster board

3 - 5

Create-Abilities donated 3rd grade common core 3.NBT formative assessment

SOL Train Learning donated some dollars to promote good behavior


Jennifer Geihm donated Colorful Hearts

Teacher Scrapbook donated some kids clipart

Thanks so much again for following my blog!

Sorry everyone!!  It's been a very crazy last couple of weeks.   Here are some freebies from my TpT friends.  I asked again for some free products so that I can pass more than items for you to use in your classroom.  I promise to come back and post more free products next week.  This is what I have this week!

This is my freebie for the week.  It's an organizer for your students to use with any non-fiction magazine or social studies text throughout the school year.  The new common core standards are asking teachers to provide our students more exposure to non-fiction.  I also hate giving my students our Time 4 Kids magazines and they have no accountability for actually reading and gaining information.  This organizer is perfect

This is the example for National Geographic magazine.  Also included in the download are organizers for Time 4 Kids, any social studies text, and Weekly Reader. You can find this resource here

All Grade Levels
The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher donated --Parts of Speech Posters

Innovative Teacher donated - Character Matters Poster

Clip Art
It's A Wicked Good Life donated - Bright Chalk Frames

Jennifer Geihm donated - Colorful Pencils

Sweet Integrations donated - BTS Find Someone Who Game

The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher --Place Value Match Up

I hope everyone is having a great back to school season!  This time of year makes me so excited to get started with the school year!

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