Monday, April 28, 2014

End of the Year - Classroom Awards

I'm so excited to use these awards in my classroom this spring.  Here is a picture and a link to this product so you can use them too!   These awards are a little bit different than most, because the kids vote for their classmates to receive the awards. It is a little bit more work to calculate all of the votes and determine the winners, but one tip is to have kids vote then you just assign awards. This way, the kids "think" that they are voting.

Here is a list of all 28 awards.  I've also included a more ink friendly version of all of the awards if you are planning to print them in black and white. They are perfect for the last week of school as a memento from their amazing school year.

Fantastic Friend
Rockin’ Reader
Math Magician
Super Scientist
Homework Machine
Out of this World Organizer
Happy Helper
Awesome Artist
Talented Techy
Agreeable Attitude
Tremendous Teamwork
Shining Sportsmanship
Responsibility Award
Trustworthy Award
Respectful Award
Hard Worker
Honesty Award
Most Active Girl
Most Active Boy
Social Studies Whiz
Library Fanatic
Super Speller
Happy Helper
Peace Prize
Perseverance Award
Class Clown
Super Smile
Class Cheerleader

Thanks so much for reading! Happy Teaching!

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