Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Kansas Monopoly - State Research Projects

I'm so excited to share about our Kansas Day projects.  Every year we celebrate Kansas' Birthday by doing a fun project! So, this year I had my kids create a Kansas Monopoly game!  They have been having so much fun and love learning about the history of Kansas.

We started with a blank sheet of poster board.  Then, we measured out the board with a meter stick which was much more challenging than you might think. I would love to share the dimensions with you, however, I didn't write them down and we had to make some spaces smaller to fit more spaces.   To get this entire board measured for 24 kids, it took us a full hour!

The next day, we started filling in the spaces with Kansas facts and people.  Here is an example of what our boards looked like after day 2.

On Day 3, we kept working together to make our board similar to the Monopoly game. Here is an outline of our colors and what facts are located on the spaces. 

Purple: Basic Kansas Facts
Gray:  Forts located in Kansas 
Blue:  Famous Kansans  
Pink: Kansas Universities  
Orange: Cities in Kansas  
Red: Numbers that represent Kansas; January 29, 1861 
Yellow:  cattle towns in Kansas 
Green:  Famous Bleeding Kansas Battles 
Blue: Wizard of Oz and The Capital of Kansas* 
White: Oregon Trail and Santa Fe Trail  

*(most Kansans hate the Wizard of Oz references, but I was running out of ideas, so it had to work)

My kids were so creative with this project.  Instead of the jail, my kids decided to have Leavenworth Penitentiary and instead of a free space we created "Free State." Showing how proud they are that Kansas was brought into the union as a free state. 

Here is our finished product!

Here is an example of the property cards with their research.

What do you do to celebrate your state's birthday?  I'd love to hear what happens all over the county!

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