Sunday, August 11, 2013

FREE -Birthday Graphing Activity

Here is my newest product at my TpT store....Don't worry, it's FREE!!  I created a birthday graphing activity that I plan to use the first few days of school.  You can head over to my store and find it at this URL

I purchased a new Macbook Air last week and now have Powerpoint!!!  So, I've been playing around and have fallen in love.  First of all, you can make items "glow" so everything that I'm currently making has a glow behind it.  I know, it's not that big of a deal but it has made me so happy!! I'm way behind because most sellers on TpT use Powerpoint to create their products.  I never realized what I was missing out on.  It has made all things easier!

Anyway, here is what I created today.  Do you see how the letters are glowing?  I love it!

Anyway, the first week of school I plan to fill out my birthday chart with the students.  So, I'm going to ask "who has a birthday in January?" "Feb?" etc....

We will fill out all of our birthdays on my month by month chart.  I'm sure most elementary teachers already have these charts in their classrooms. If not there are some great free birthday charts on TpT.

Then, I'm going to hand them this page.

Once they have the page, they will chart the number of birthdays per month.

I will give them plenty of time to use their new colored pencils, crayons or markers.  You could even use pencil, but it will look prettier with color.
We will talk about the titles of the graph and we will notice how the numbers on the left increase by 2's, so if you have an odd number of birthdays then it will be half of the box.

Once this is all complete, then students will be asked to identify the month with the most birthdays, the least and then take notice of any months that have the same.   You are more than welcome to stop here for the younger grades, or if you are out of time.  I've also included one more page (on the right) for students to numerically order the months and identify the minimum, maximum and median.

I hope you all have a great start to the school year!!

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