Thursday, July 18, 2013

Back To School Linky Party!

I love having my students work with QR codes.  So, I created a back to school scavenger hunt for back to school night.  Students will walk through the hunt see where items are located in their new classroom, and it gives me time to chat with parents while my new students are off on their search. You could also use this the first day of school. What a great way to get kids excited about the upcoming year!  I can't wait!


So, this is how it works.  Place the start card on a desk close to the front of your classroom, students will scan the first card.  Once they scan that card, they will be directed to introduce themselves to their new teacher!  Scan card #2 and they will then find their cubby.  Eventually, they will work their way around the classroom.  So much fun!  You will need a few mobile devices to pull this off, but I figured that parents will also have phones that the kids can use. 

Keep scrolling down for more back to school products linked-up by my teacher pay teacher friends!

Friday, July 5, 2013

7 Freebies on this Friday!

I asked some of my friends at TpT for some freebies.  This way I can pass along more than 1 freebie to you a week.  I had so many responses, and I can't wait to share these free products with you! I have many more saved and will be posting freebies every Friday.  I've included 7 products below, just click on the URL under the description and it will take you to the free product on TpT. Thank you everyone who donated.  Enjoy! 

From Tabitha Savage:  
Great for common core and helping students develop a deep understand of numbers!

Primary Weights Activity from Ashely Cook

Grades 2-3

Introduction to Multiplication from 180 Days and Counting

Grades 3-4

"Sweeeeet" Place Value Match Up From Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher

Clipart (because you know we are all OBSESSED with finding cute new clipart!) 
From Cherry Workshop
Cute doodle Frames!

Fun Summer Frames!

Character Education from Innovative Teacher

Thank you so much!  I hope these free products are helpful in your classroom next school year!