Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Friday Freebie! Fraction Scavenger Hunt

You can find this freebie HERE at my TpT store!

This is my first freebie for my website!! With soooo many more to come! I'm beyond excited (if you can't tell).  This is a common core standard for students to practice identifying fractions in picture form, then find the word form.  I used these cards closer to the beginning of the school year because I teach 5th grade, however, they were a HUGE hit because my kids had so much fun.  

I set up this document to print on Avery labels.  After I printed the labels, I stuck them on notecards so they were easier for my kids to handle.  Then, I taped the notecards all over our classroom so students start at the beginning and are then forced to travel around the classroom to find the next card!!  SO much fun!!!   

Here is a little tip though.....I made sure my kids did not shout out "I found it," or "That cards over there."   I let them all know that the fun is in finding the card by yourself!  Not being lead to the answer by another student.  After this disclaimer, my kids did a fantastic job!!

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