Saturday, June 22, 2013

Common Core "I can" statements

This past week I went to a conference about common core standards and how to change our way of teaching to match with these new standards.  I love to learn new things, but these 2 days were jam packed with great ideas.  I was so inspired by these presenters, who were just classroom teachers from around the state of Kansas.  I usually try to walk away with just ONE great idea to use in my classroom, but from this conference my head is now spinning with great ideas and strategies.  So, I thought I would share one with you!

I came away from this conference realizing that students need to take pride in their work and know the purpose for learning.  This will be HUGE in the common core standards.  They recommended putting up "I Can" statements around your class to as a self-motivation and confidence builder.  But also for them to take accountability for their learning behavior.  So, I made the cutest chevron framed "I can" cards (I'm secretly obsessed with chevron patterns). 

You can find them here.

I can not WAIT to use them throughout the year in my classroom.  My plan is to print, laminate and put magnet tape on the back so I can quickly and easily attach the appropriate standard to my whiteboard or my classroom door so my kids and easily see the standards as we leave the classroom. 

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  1. I love "I Can" statements! It's a great way for students to know exactly what they're learning and why they're learning it!

    I am currently working on sets for the Ontario curriculum! ;) Great minds think alike! :P

    Mrs. Mathis’ Homeroom