Sunday, June 30, 2013

Amazing Giveaways!

Here are 3 giveaways you can sign up for. My friends at 180 Days and Counting and Tabitha Savage are celebrating their 100th followers! Please help them celebrate and gain some amazing products. You can sign up for the giveaway from Monday 7/1 to 7/6.  I donated a 5th Grade common core "I can" statement posters to the 4th and older giveaway.  

 Pre K - 1st grade giveaways a Rafflecopter giveaway 2nd and 3rd grade giveaways a Rafflecopter giveaway 4th and older giveaways a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Free Linky Party

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Non-Fiction Text graphic organizer -FREEBIE

Here is my weekly freebie!

I made this document because I have always struggled with having a graphic organizer for non-fiction text.  New ELA common core standards are going to require teachers to provide more non-fiction to students to work through.  At my school we use Time For Kids for a magazine subscription.  I typically just give out the T4K and then have them read in partners then we come back together to discuss after 20 to 30 minutes.

However, with common core we need to use these magazines as more of a teaching tool.  So, I've made graphic organizers for popular magazines that are used in the classroom; T4K, National Geographic, and Social Studies (you can use this at any time during the year with textbook).

In this organizer, students will be asked to identify main idea, details, questions they still have about the text, and text features.


You can find these free products HERE

Common Core "I can" statements

This past week I went to a conference about common core standards and how to change our way of teaching to match with these new standards.  I love to learn new things, but these 2 days were jam packed with great ideas.  I was so inspired by these presenters, who were just classroom teachers from around the state of Kansas.  I usually try to walk away with just ONE great idea to use in my classroom, but from this conference my head is now spinning with great ideas and strategies.  So, I thought I would share one with you!

I came away from this conference realizing that students need to take pride in their work and know the purpose for learning.  This will be HUGE in the common core standards.  They recommended putting up "I Can" statements around your class to as a self-motivation and confidence builder.  But also for them to take accountability for their learning behavior.  So, I made the cutest chevron framed "I can" cards (I'm secretly obsessed with chevron patterns). 

You can find them here.

I can not WAIT to use them throughout the year in my classroom.  My plan is to print, laminate and put magnet tape on the back so I can quickly and easily attach the appropriate standard to my whiteboard or my classroom door so my kids and easily see the standards as we leave the classroom. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Early Friday Freebie

Hi everyone!  Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!  I'm posting my Friday freebie a little bit early because I'm going to a conference tomorrow.  I know, I know I need to take time to relax during the summer but I'm super excited to learn new things at the conference.  Plus I just have way too much to do!!

Anyway, here is my freebie for the week.  I posted it earlier on my TpT store.  It is a contact form for parents to fill out at the beginning of the school year.  

I LOVE having parents fill out one generic page and keeping them all in one binder.  This makes finding numbers in an emergency so much easier.  Also, on the last page of the document, I included a quick survey for parents to fill out about their children.  This is a quick info sheet for you to quickly see strengths and weaknesses about your students. 

Have a great weekend!

Here is the link to get this download for free at my TpT store.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Friday Freebie! Fraction Scavenger Hunt

You can find this freebie HERE at my TpT store!

This is my first freebie for my website!! With soooo many more to come! I'm beyond excited (if you can't tell).  This is a common core standard for students to practice identifying fractions in picture form, then find the word form.  I used these cards closer to the beginning of the school year because I teach 5th grade, however, they were a HUGE hit because my kids had so much fun.  

I set up this document to print on Avery labels.  After I printed the labels, I stuck them on notecards so they were easier for my kids to handle.  Then, I taped the notecards all over our classroom so students start at the beginning and are then forced to travel around the classroom to find the next card!!  SO much fun!!!   

Here is a little tip though.....I made sure my kids did not shout out "I found it," or "That cards over there."   I let them all know that the fun is in finding the card by yourself!  Not being lead to the answer by another student.  After this disclaimer, my kids did a fantastic job!!